Blue Mountain Lake Boat Livery

Kick back on a restored boat and get an Adirondack history lesson 

You don’t own a Great Camp. (You do? Can we come over?) But you can soak up the same views that the 19th century’s ultra-rich did for a lot less money. Take a two-hour guided tour around Blue Mountain, Eagle and Utowana lakes in a vintage wooden launch; see some of the remaining camps, learn about the timber industry, and hear more about life in the 19th century around these waters. The livery will also deliver rental boats to nearby lakes for a fee. 

At a glance
  • Had enough time on the water? Check out more boats at the nearby Adirondack Museum, which has 250 in its collection.
  • Had enough guided tours? The livery rents motorboats, kayaks, canoes, paddleboats, windsurfers and more.
  • Had enough exercise? Don’t leave without one of the livery’s famous pies.