Blue Pepper Farm

Factory farming this isn’t 

The owners of this 46-acre farm describe it as “human-scale.” What does that mean? Well, when you think of their retail presence, that means selling wares out of a selfserve refrigerator on the farm porch during the summer, the Keene Valley Farmers Market and through a local dairy farm. The operation specializes in pasture-raised lamb, chicken, pork and eggs, all raised humanely and ecologically. The land itself has been farmed for more than a century, though it has been largely out of use since the 1970s. 

At a glance
  • Get a taste of farm life without actually, you know, farming: Rooms available for rent on Airbnb.
  • It isn’t cheap to run a farm: If you want to know why it costs $5.50 a pound for a whole chicken, stop by the market and they’ll run you through the breakdown.
  • It takes a village: their pigs are fed with whey from the Sugar House Creamery down the road. 
  • "Animal Welfare Approved" and a "NOFA Farmer's Pledge Farm."