Frederic Remington Art Museum

View bronzes, oil paintings, watercolors and drawings from an American master

The romantic notion of the American West endures, in many ways, thanks to the art of Frederic Remington. His paintings, illustrations and sculptures were snapped up by an American public eager for a glimpse at what was a dying way of life even at the time he made them. While Remington’s attempts at becoming a rancher failed – he didn’t take to the solitary days and grueling work – he admired those who did it, and he traveled west frequently. The museum, which is a National Historic Landmark, features a broad collection of original Remington works.

At a glance
  • Remington’s family moved to Ogdensburg when he was a child; while he eventually settled elsewhere, his wife, Eva, lived in what is now the museum building after Remington died
  • Kid’s Place features a life-size horse that can be groomed and saddled, as well as other interactive exhibits
  • As rich as the collection is, it was once richer – sketches torn from Remington’s books were once sold at the museum for just 75 cents or $1.