Gouverneur Museum

The candy was invented here, but it was home to a Founding Father and more

Yes, just about everybody who’s come through downtown Gouverneur has seen the giant roll of LifeSavers on Main Street – the inventor of the candy came from the town. Gouverneur has a much deeper history than that, though; the town was named for Gouverneur Morris, a Founding Father of the United States regarded as the author of the preamble of the Constitution. This three-story museum dedicated to the town’s 200-year history contains exhibits devoted to military history, toys, mining and more. 

At a glance
  • Exhibits located on the three floors of the museum, once the parsonage of the Presbyterian Church next door; items are also found an outbuilding and an annex at the St. Lawrence County fairgrounds.
  • The rooms of the house are now galleries: the dining room contains dinnerware, for instance, and the children’s room holds toys, books and other items.
  • Take a personalized tour (if you want) with the museum’s curator, who will answer the door when you ring the bell.