Ironman Viewing

They swim, bike and run – you cheer

Wanna do something today? How about a 2.4-mile swim and a 112-mile bike ride chased with a marathon? No? Well, how about you just show up on the Ironman triathlon route and cheer? Can you handle that? Every year, more than 2,500 athletes compete in the Ironman, one of several held in the U.S. annually. The best finish the ordeal less than nine hours after jumping into Mirror Lake at 6:30 a.m. But stick around: Some competitors gut it out until midnight, they need all the moral support from the crowd they can get.

At a glance
  • Many roads leading to and in Lake Placid are closed for Ironman; plan ahead
  • Parking and free shuttles available for spectators
  • Volunteers wanted for many duties – and they get an advanced shot at registering to compete the following year