Lake George Battlefield Park

Where the French were rebuffed and the British held their grip on the colonies

If William Johnson’s British troops didn’t defeat the French at the Battle of Lake George in September 1755, we might be calling this the Battle of Lac du Saint-Sacrement. But Johnson’s side prevailed in a bloody battle, beating back a French assault and launching a surprise attack that killed French, Canadians and Indians. So Lake George – named for King George II – it was. The battlefield had continued importance throughout the Revolutionary War, as the site of the largest smallpox hospital in North America.

At a glance
  • Picnic tables available at the park, which is across from Lake George’s Million Dollar Beach.
  • A statue of Father Isaac Jogues, who gave the lake its French name in 1646, is on site, along with several other monuments.
  • See the remains of Fort George, built on the site in 1759.