Lewis County Fair

195th edition of Lewis County Fair coming up

The first-ever Lewis County Fair featured livestock. This year’s version will, too – in fact, showing off and selling livestock is pretty much the reason why Albany entrepreneur Elkanah Watson came up with the concept of the county fair in the early 19th century. Lewis County’s is only a few years younger than the first held in the state, at Cooperstown. There’s a lot more that goes into today’s fairs – demo derby wasn’t big in 1820 – but their origins as agricultural expos lives on.

At a glance
  • Utica native and “The Voice” contestant Shawn “Big Sexy” Smith opens for country artist Jon Pardi on Friday night
  • The fairground is listed as a national historic district; it comprises the grandstand, half-mile racetrack, antiques building, taffy stand and information booth.
  • Antique building recreates a general store, service station and more.