Old Market Farm

Not when you’re growing it in the North Country, at least 

When winter comes to the North Country, it does so with a vengeance: That coldest spot in the continental U.S.? Often right here! Hooray!(?) That kind of cold, though, can be murder on rosebushes (not to mention other plants.) So in the 1990s, the nursery got its start selling roses that could actually withstand a run of 30-below temperatures. Some of the varieties are commercially bred; others, which are dubbed North Country Heritage Roses, were cultivated from bushes found growing in the wild around here.

At a glance
  • Dozens of varieties available, either for pickup or mail delivery.
  • Roses in your garden not enough? Purebred, horned Icelandic lambs also for sale.
  • Also for sale: Elderberries, hops, red currant bushes and garlic.