Race with the Wind

Pedal among 190 wind turbines in this 46-mile race across the Maple Ridge Wind Farm

The Maple Ridge Wind Farm is known for its stiff wind – it’s not only the largest wind farm in New York, but also east of the Mississippi. So what better place for a 46-mile bike race where the promoters warn of 40-mile-per-hour windburn in your face? You won’t be on glassy asphalt – the registration form of this endurance race warns that you’ll be traversing “dirt, gravel, loose rocks, big cobbles, wet and dry, (and) boney terrain” as you pedal among the 190 wind turbines at the project. (The longest stretch of paved road in the race is 2.4 miles long.)

At a glance
  • This is rugged terrain – cross bikes should use heavy off-road tubes and tires. “This course eats cyclocross bike tires,” one Facebook commenter wrote.
  • Not up for a 46-mile haul? Try the 10-mile fun race.
  • There are four age categories.

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