Rachel Lamb

...Wood carving became her expression of choice...

Rachel Lamb enjoyed experimenting with a variety of mediums during her childhood in Chazy, NY and while studying studio art at St. Lawrence University, wood carving became her expression of choice. Lamb first used chisels to carve a relief form while participating in a woodworking course in 2001. She was given basic instruction on how to carve and was then left to her own devices. To her, the possibilities for manipulating dimension, shape, texture, size, and color is appealing as is the forgiving nature of the medium.
Lamb Says, "When carving, I feel a sense of calm and focus that lures me to work for hours at a time. I become intent on making precise incisions and watching as the curls of wood smoothly lift from the board. My motivation stems mostly from exploring the natural world. I also enjoy creating abstract forms that develop on their own as I carve".
At a glance
  • One of her carvings was featured on the cover of the 2012 Arts Directory for the Northern Adirondacks.  
  • Member of NorthWind Fine Arts since 2012.