Strand Theatre

Historic theater offers digital flash, analog charm after projector upgrade

The Strand didn’t have the most auspicious beginning: While it was being built in 1922, its steel frame crumpled in a heap. (A story in the Boonville Herald suggested there weren’t enough bolts in the frame to hold it up.) But the rebuilt theater opened in 1923 and is primed for many more years, with a recent upgrade to digital projectors following a $300,000 Go Digital or Go Dark fundraising campaign. In its early days, the 700-seat theater (then just one screen) showed silent films and offered vaudeville performances. It was a summer-only theater for most of its life; until 1991, when its owners make the necessary upgrades to keep it running year-round.

At a glance
  • Theater expanded in 2000 with an annex that added three additional screens and a small collection of theater artifacts
  • Also available for parties, meetings, conferences and other gatherings
  • Seen on Yelp!: “There’s a popcorn loving husky that lives in the lobby”