Saranac Lake 6ers

Hiking the smaller peaks surrounding Saranac Lake still makes for a big accomplishment

Tradition has it that the people who climb McKenzie, Ampersand, Scarface, Baker, St. Regis and Haystack mountains are known as 6ers. Well, it’s kind of a new tradition – the challenge began in May 2013. Since then, more than 500 people have accomplished all six; once they do, they earn the right to ring the 6er Bell at Berkeley Green in the center of Saranac Lake. The mountains aren’t High Peaks, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth conquering: Baker is short but offers about the best view-per-effort ratio in the Adirondacks. And the others have their own charms.

At a glance
  • What, six mountains not enough challenge? Become an Ultra 6er by climbing all six peaks in the same day.
  • Baker is the shortest of the treks – it’s just 1.8 miles roundtrip, rising 884 feet from the trailhead. McKenzie, the highest peak in the collection, is also the longest overall hike, at 10.6 miles roundtrip.
  • Hikers who complete the circuit will have their names entered in the 6er logbook and receive a patch and sticker after paying a $10 registration fee